Award: REGIONAL PR AWARDS \ CA02. Greater China PR Campaign of the Year

With stagnating sales and an “old man” image, legendary outdoor brand Columbia needed to rejuvenate its brand and increase sales. Insights showed that “outdoor” lacked relevance to the target audience, who associated it with extreme activities. However, Columbia also found that “outdoor” had positive connotations such as “exploring”. Therefore, Columbia embarked on redefining “outdoor” to make it relevant again. Under the campaign mantra “outdoor is outside your door”, Columbia aimed to inspire young Chinese to go outside of the house and experience new things. A completely integrated campaign, anchored in an event, and with targeted use of influencers and creative co-created multi-media content, Columbia managed to rejuvenate its brand, completely re-define “outdoor” and making it relevant, increase sales-through of core product by 91%, but most importantly: to rally a nation to go exploring: the hashtag #gofortheunknown touched 69 million people, making outdoor part of their lives, making Columbia relevant again.