Award: REGIONAL PR AWARDS \ CA02. Greater China PR Campaign of the Year

It was a balmy summer night on 31st July 2014, when all of a sudden, a massive explosion tore through the streets along 6 km, ripping through the pavement. 32 people were killed and over 300 injured. Before investigation was conducted, LCY, which owned one of the affected underground pipelines, shouldered the majority of the blame from the victims and their families. While 90%+ of the severely injured and impacted individuals are young and middle-aged adults, who are usually economic pillars of their family and still have a long future after the incident, the empowerment of the impacted individuals is as important as financial aid. By accompanying and supporting them as they bring their lives back on track, we will have a chance to turn the adversarial relationship between LCY and those impacted into a trusting one, thus leading to the recovery of the corporate reputation of LCY.