Award: CONSULTANCY AWARDS \ CN03. Japan/Korea PR Consultancy of the Year

Korea has faced many challenges over recent years, with the continuing economic recession resulting in a YoY decrease in GDP growth and drop-in employment rates. With this market insecurity and unpredictability having a negative impact on many companies’ marketing spend, the industry has never been tougher, and it has never been more vital to demonstrate value to clients. Despite these circumstances, Synergy Hill+Knowlton Strategies Korea (Synergy H+K Korea), achieved outstanding performance the period of eligibility, working hard to evolve alongside the needs of the market by implementing new strategies that deepened client relationships and resulted in revenue increasing by 15% and a margin improvement of 15%, Our business performance is important, but we are equally proud that during these uncertain times we have been able to review communication challenges faced by our clients and recognise their business needs. By elevating our service to high-level consultation and providing longer-term insights,