Award: REGIONAL PR AWARDS \ CA02. Greater China PR Campaign of the Year

Believing in “chance” is central to Taiwanese culture and daily life, from the weather forecast to the lottery. However, most people pay less or no attention to this chance – 80% of sexually active people get HPV in their lifetime. Moreover, HPV was considered only causing cervical cancer in women and it is not relevant to men. Partnering with the Formosa Cancer Foundation, MSD wanted to address this hidden risk and increase public awareness. The Agency utilised the culture by developing contents around the belief in chance and the “80%”, meaning both the number of percentage and “most likely” in Mandarin verbally. The campaign reached TA through integrated digital channels and platforms including social media, the campaign website and a collection of O&G clinics’ LINE accounts to drive awareness and direct actions. The results showed significant growth in awareness and vaccination in both men and women TA groups.