Award: REGIONAL PR AWARDS \ CA03. Japan/Korea PR Campaign of the Year

When considering how best to mark its twentieth anniversary, Japanese NGO Kiko Network noted that while there are many environmental NPOs/NGOs around the world, they are each working on their own (sometimes conflicting) agenda. This realization inspired the launch of Teenage Voice 2019, a campaign that sought to create a centralized platform showcasing the messages of youth activists so as to encourage more proactive collaboration among organizations. The core campaign materials were striking monochrome print ads and OOH posters featuring youth voices, which directed users to an online petition via a barcode. The campaign elicited 30,000 signatures in a week and reached a combined audience of approximately 90 million, with Greenpeace and Conservation International lauding the initiative. This spirit of cooperation coalesced in a Global Climate Strike, which saw 2,800 take to the streets in Japan—almost unprecedented for a country where such protests struggle to gain traction.