Award: REGIONAL PR AWARDS \ CA03. Japan/Korea PR Campaign of the Year

As Samsung Electronics introduced a new BESPOKE refrigerator that allows consumers to customize the type, color, and material, a PR campaign called ‘Artistic Touch on BESPOKE Refrigerator’ was executed to deliver its philosophy and features of the BESPOKE refrigerator to millennials, who are the rising consumers in the market. The campaign was carried out at every angle through various executions such as art collaboration with Korean millennial artists, a media conference, influencer events, magazine advertorials, design competition, and exhibition booths. Additionally, it earned a great impression by effectively communicating with millennials through owned, shared, and earned media including magazines, Instagram and YouTube. As a result, the campaign successfully created a buzz with 17,000 content on earned media and 125,500 people visited exhibition booths in different cities in Korea.