Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C04. Best Use of Content

When it comes to laptops, Apple dominates the hard-to-impress millennial audience.Non-Apple buyers are met with a cluttered market, with brands such as Lenovo, Microsoft and Asus all competing for market share in the premium category. HP is no different.

The insight of the toxic relationship became the heart of our campaign.

And how do you get out of a toxic relationship? With counselling, of course.

Our campaign takes place across a series of counselling sessions, where the character ‘Dave’ is breaking up with his Macbook. The therapist is trying to understand the relationship while the Macbook (using Siri’s voice) tries to convince Dave to stay.

We conducted research to find Mac users’ five biggest pain points, and turned each one into a therapy session for the ‘couple’ reflecting real human pain points.