Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C04. Best Use of Content

As a bite-size Instagram video series, DBS heart work(s) is the first of its kind in the banking industry. It is a 20 episodes of 60 seconds drama series primarily for Instagram consumption as a highly relevant channel to millennials. It is launched during the breakfasting period in 2019 as millennials’ media consumption behavior during the period is to consume entertainment content. A break was also embedded to build curiosity on the content itself. We measure the result by looking at the engagement and business impact among millennials.

Capturing “Live more, Bank less” values on each episode, the main key messages revolve around three main pillars: DBS business specifically our digital banking platform – digibank, DBS Foundation message – Force for Good and DBS Sustainability focus. Target audience are millennials with spread reach to 18 – 35 years old for awareness and 25 – 35 years old to drive engagements.