Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C05. Best Use of Digital

To establish a new norm of pairing cognac with Chinese cuisines for all occasions, In June 2019, Hennessy launched the campaign Hennessy Foodie’s Lab. By leveraging three powerful celebrities, Hennessy drove consumer’s interest and encouraged trials via a captivating competition called #WhatsYourPick#. The concepts of Taste, Human Touch and Fun were used to highlight the chemistry between Hennessy and Chinese cuisine.

Each celebrity had a unique theme and used that theme to create his/her own ‘food and cognac’ experiments. The celebrities then competed against each other online to try and collect the most votes for their creations. The three menus with the most votes from consumers were then made available as packages for purchase on for consumers to try re-creating at home. The menus were also rolled out to 60 restaurants across China.