Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C06. Best Use of Social Media

LAY’S had been going through a quiet period in terms of communication for a few years. The biggest challenge for the PR team was the lack of novel and substantial agenda to talk about except a packaging change in 2019. Playing on their FOMO psyche to relate to the audience, we decided to take LAY’S Smile to pop culture creating a Smile Deke Dekho movement. We shared individually created, personalised LAY’S Smile packs with 1,450+ influencers across the country by matching their smiles to the different flavour variants. We painted Instagram with one visual on first three days of the launch – People posing with LAY’S Smile packs on their faces. The campaign saw multiple organic conversions of leading celebrities and influencers posting, along with a plethora of memes and consumer posts. The campaign improved brand imagery with LAY’S recording the highest Equity Score since 2014.