Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C06. Best Use of Social Media

Gone are the days of long letters and postcards. The millennials today are all about Emoticons! As one of the most significant and convenient mediums of communication, emoticons have successfully managed to replace emotions in the social media lingo.
With about 3,178 emoticons in the Unicode Standard, India’s most favored dish, Biryani unfortunately has not found its due place yet. Ordered at an astonishing rate of 43 orders per minute*, Biryani for Indians is not just a dish, its an indefinable emotion! And yet, in this world of millennial lingos, not having an emoticon for it is DHOKHA!!

MTV launched a clutter-breaking campaign, seeking a nationwide support to make an emoticon for India’s most relished dish- Biryani. A brand that strikes chord with the sentiments of the youth, MTV has always upped the ante with innovative and quirky storytelling that resonates with the masses and enhance conversations.