Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C07. Best use of VR/AR

To collaborate with LEGO®, a visionary partner to inspire our future generation and equip them with creative problem solving skills, tmtplaza is transformed into a “Big Box Factory” where customer will become a creative team member and being recruited to undergo thought-provoking challenges Labs – Power Station, Imagination Station and Creativity Station to win exclusive limited-edition gifts from LEGO® alongside a certificate of creativity. At the same time, we have tailor-made premiums and LEGO® Pop-Up Store was in place for fans to stock up on the latest LEGO® products.

By developing three LEGO® challenges, creating interactive AR games , and arranging sharing sessions from worldwide inspirational LEGO® builders, we hope to unleash the teenagers’ imagination by actualizing their talents and sharing great ideas in, so to to nurture them with creative thinking.