Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C08. Brand Development (Product)

‘Made in Vietnam’, had never triggered national pride in its people. Biti’s Hunter, a leading local sneaker brand, flips the inferior perception, encouraging Vietnamese to feel proud of their origin as well as of products made in Vietnam.

An integrated digital- and PR-led campaign that captures Vietnamese culture, the DNA of Vietnamese and what it means to live in Vietnam. Vietnam is perhaps the only place in the world where you’ll find kindness in hardship, optimism in chaos, beauty in messes, progress in traditions, and most importantly, a second home on the streets.

Our creative idea ‘Proudly Made in Vietnam’ reverberates with nationwide audience through the key message “So what if it’s imperfect! We’re still proud”. We not only talked the talk through viral film, digital PR but also walked the walk by launching a new Street line which authentically embraces all the imperfections of Vietnamese streets.