Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C09. Brand Development (Service)

With China producing the world’s largest number of outbound tourists, 41% of which use credit/debit cards as the primary form of payment overseas, Visa saw outbound tourism as an unparalleled opportunity to promote its cross-border offerings, drive overseas spending and position itself as a preferred payment method for Chinese travelers. Visa launched an integrated campaign designed to enhance its brand image and awareness and boost favorability in the market. This multi-phased digital campaign leveraged paid media co-ops, KOL collaborations and experiential trips to stimulate consumer engagement while leveraging Visa’s global sponsorships to showcase brand advantages and create exclusive travel experiences for participants. The campaign was covered extensively by 113 top-tier media and generated 143.12 million impressions. By interacting intimately with target audiences (TAs), Visa highlighted its special offerings and advantages for outbound travelers in a meaningful, memorable way and increased brand preference and acceptance beyond expectations.