Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C10.Business-to-Business

Philips shed light on the pressing future healthcare population challenges through its proprietary study, the Future Health Index (FHI). In its fourth year, research played a key role in repositioning the brand in a crucial period of transition for the company.

The industry-first study addresses the need to build sustainable national health systems amidst ageing populations and global shortage of skilled healthcare professionals – aligning Philips to industry needs.
Using data to build credible, compelling stories for media, Philips also brought together C-suite public/private stakeholders and policy makers in a roundtable discussion under Chatham House rules, for the first time in Singapore. Through FHI, we sought to engage government bodies and healthcare institutions on the importance of healthcare and digital technologies, driving a collective effort to address rising healthcare challenges. The activity also reaffirmed Philips business’ commitment to the nation’s healthcare system.