Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C10.Business-to-Business

Large-scale cybercrimes in 2019 had several businesses revaluating their security systems. With the role of CIOs/CISOs becoming more pertinent in this environment, Barracuda Networks owned the narrative and provided a customized solutions-centric approach to an industry that was already impacted by cyberattacks.

We started the campaign with 3 clear goals: Raising the profile of Barracuda through increasing SOV in the media by 30%; Increasing engagement with the stakeholder community consisting of CIOs, CTOs and channel partners and Assisting in driving YoY sales growth.

With key strategic levers of ‘Influence-Expand-Engage’, we evangelized key CIOs/CISOs and secured in-depth media and channel partner outreach. At the end of our program, a 48% increase in SOV in the media was witnessed. We secured 265+ articles, engaged with 50+ channel partners, generated over 100 articles in channel centric magazines. We also increased engagement with the stakeholder community of CIOs and CTOs by targeting enterprise technology.