Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C12. Cause-Related - Public Awareness

How do you convince dairy milk lovers to drink plant-based milk? That’s our challenge with Oatly – a new challenger oat milk brand in Hong Kong when dairy consumption has been increasing. People associates milk strongly with cow’s milk and we decided to tackle the root issue and revolutionize milk consumption with the New Word campaign
We created a new Chinese word to represent plant-based milk which later built into an integrated campaign. From traditional executive interview pitching, consumer events, manifesto print and outdoor advertising, social media to KOL and retailers engagement, we are able to shed light on the lack of understanding of the benefits of plant-based milk with an urgent call to action on Government to define the category.
The campaign was a huge success that brings behavioral and cultural changes. Both brand awareness and sales were significantly enhanced with a 44% increase in month-on-month supermarket sales.