Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C13. Consumer Launch

Japan’s humid pre-summer rainy season is a nightmare when trying to dry laundry. And with more and more dual-income households, families have less time than ever to devote to such chores. Amid a highly commoditized detergent and odor-care market, Lion Corporation set out to promote Top Clear Liquid Antibacterial (a new laundry detergent designed to tackle persistent odors) via a creative campaign leveraging survey-based insights into consumers’ principle odor concerns. Highlighting the original concept of “zombie odors,”—so called because they refuse to die and are easily transferred to other garments—they eschewed traditional ads in favor of zombie-themed online content that also tapped into Japan’s fondness for zany mascot characters. Supplemented by offline activities and KOL insights, this spooky campaign generated significant buzz in traditional and social media, establishing “zombie odors” in the popular lexicon and Top Clear Liquid Antibacterial as the product of choice to fight them.