Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C16. Corporate Social Responsibility

Since 2017, the Coca-Cola Foundation has taken the initiative to communicate campus bullying with the public. However, parents, whose assistance can reduce the trauma caused by bullying, have long been left out of conversations. Therefore, the Coca-Cola Foundation decided to support parents in helping their kids tackle the problem.

Research reveals that when kids ask their parents for help, parents’ responses often results in communication breakdown, which leads 50% of kids stopped talking to their parents about being bullied. Therefore, we made four videos demonstrating how kids feel after hearing parents’ improper responses. The videos encourage parents to visit our anti-bullying website for five clear steps to help deal with bullying issues.

The campaign drew widespread attention and successfully raised parents’ awareness around bullying. As a result of the campaign’s success, Taiwan’s Ministry of Education invited the team to scale up its anti-bullying tour of campuses in the future.