Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C16. Corporate Social Responsibility

Between 2016 and 2019, Taiwanese society was anger and fear in response to extensive media reports of people with schizophrenia randomly killing children. Boehringer Ingelheim believes that everyone has to reverse the social atmosphere from hatred to understanding. We identified the general public’s lack of “empathy” was a serious issue.So we launched the “”Empathy Project””.
We educate general public how to practice empathize with three step:
1. Think
We published one video with two real stories adaptation scenarios on social media and news.
2. Listen
We invite 10 NGOs and patients to share their personal experience to deliver “what is empathy and how to practice”” to general public .
3. Respect
Coordinated with 5 doctors and KOLs to share interview videos through their social media to influence their fans. Also, we recruited well-known illustrator to created 15 pieces of illustration to continue educate general public about the “”Empathy Project””.