Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C17. Environmental

In 2018, foodpanda Singapore, the nation’s longest serving food delivery service, addressed a mammoth industry challenge – how do you remove single-use plastics from the industry?

Within a year, we made huge inroads in our quest – from saving a million sets of plastic cutlery to banning shark fin. PR-led efforts shifted public perception and positioned foodpanda as a brand with a heart.

However, with brands and consumers becoming attuned to the need for more serious and impactful action on sustainability, foodpanda recognised that there was more to be done. This was especially true with competitors – they were following in our footsteps in the plastics movement and launching their own initiatives.

More than ever, in 2019, PR needed to work faster and harder to ensure foodpanda continued to build on its pioneering efforts and become known as the leading sustainable purpose-led brand in the delivered food sector.