Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C18. Experiential PR

We know that insurance is never a good conversation starter. If we want people to take notice of our brand and plans, we need a subject matter that would invite speculation, dialogue and further exploration.

We found the answer in Art. Unlike insurance, art is fun, cool and attention-grabbing.

Introducing, Singapore’s First ‘Museum of Claims’ – An AR-led online and offline interactive art exhibition that aims to create awareness of disability coverage in a way that’s never been done before.

Everyone recognises the iconic statues of the world – Apollo, Venus de Milo, Euripides and Bathsheba. We showcased the four famous iconic statues with missing limbs, and invited Singaporeans to reimagine their tragedies and question what their coverage would have been like if they had insurance.

By applying a creative lens on the statues, Manulife leveraged art, which naturally invites conversations, to kickstart a dialogue around protection planning.