Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C18. Experiential PR

FWD believes in community commitment through engaging people with inspirational and bold experiences, and encourages people to ‘celebrate living’. In 2019, FWD acquired lease for the historical hotel FWD House 1881, the former Marine Police Headquarters, which is one of the most important heritage landmarks in Hong Kong. FWD partnered with local micro-modelling talents, TOMA Miniatures, to curate the miniature exhibition “FWD Insurance: Hong Kong Story Walk – Miniature Hong Kong”. The exhibition aimed to create a unique, immersive and engaging experience replicating classic Hong Kong stories to build brand love and loyalty, for the public to enjoy for free. The exhibition content included a newly-created miniature of the former Marine Police Headquarters to highlight the historical link of the site in total 21 exhibits which 9 of them are newly made for this exhibition. The exhibition is the first large-scale event hosted by FWD at FWD House 1881 since the lease started.