Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C19. Financial Communications

TD Ameritrade is a US-headquartered stock-trading firm that provides investing services and education. The securities brokerage industry is highly dynamic and a very challenging environment in which to operate, especially in Asia, not least competitors are willing to go toe-to-toe with TD Ameritrade on commission, technology and brand awareness. US stock trading is even viewed as less attractive than local stock trading.
TD Ameritrade therefore undertook a full-year corporate branding campaign to lift its game in Hong Kong and Singapore by highlight its unique advantages in US stock trading, differentiate itself as a client-first, innovative service provider and amplify its dedication to empowering investors with enhanced investment know-how.
As a result of the PR-led communication campaign, various business metrics have seen significant improvements. 197 media clippings were generated in Hong Kong (+91% YoY; 64% tier-1 coverage) while 70 media clippings were generated in Singapore (+520% YoY; 96% tier-1 coverage).