Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C20. Healthcare: Ethical

For people living with diabetes, the flu causes higher rates of clinic visits, hospitalisations and even death. Vaccination is the most effective way to reduce the risks of flu complications among diabetes patients, but uptake remains low.

Reporters are engaged in Singapore’s war on diabetes but it’s bold calls for action that cut through – and flu is generally misinterpreted as a low priority complication. We had to position flu protection as requiring immediate patient and policy attention in fighting the war on diabetes.

We created an army of partnerships across the diabetes care spectrum to deliver a patient and healthcare professional behavioural benchmark, make multiple stakeholder groups accountable for their role in improving vaccine uptake, and lay the groundwork for policy impact.

Creating more attention to the topic of diabetes and flu than Singapore had ever seen, we proudly smashed every metric set on behalf of a vulnerable patient community.