Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C20. Healthcare: Ethical

In Taiwan, Adults generally feel reluctant about annual vaccination or a vaccine booster when the level of antibodies wear off. Possible explanations can be attributed to misconceptions about vaccines, lack of common knowledge, the belief that vaccines are unnecessary for someone healthy, or the inability to afford vaccines. With low vaccination rates, we are in the risk of losing “herd immunity”.

However, it has been difficult to raise public awareness. How do we encourage more discussions around the issue? Vaccine Village is the first and only Facebook fan page platform promoting preventing diseases co-hosted with the society “Taiwan Immunization Vision and Strategy(TIVS)” . All kinds of information about disease prevention and control can be found on the Vaccine Village . All adults who are aware of the importance of disease prevention (doctors, nurses, government officials, patients , healthy adults, etc.) are welcomed to the village to share their voice.