Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C21. Influencer Marketing

We were tasked with developing a fully integrated campaign that showcased the camera capabilities of OPPO’S R17 Pro smartphone in ANZ, in a way that would appeal to a younger demographic and drive mass brand awareness.
We conducted consumer research which gave us our hook for the campaign – 1 in 4 Young Aussies want to be an influencer over a traditional career path. Using this insight, we created an “Ultimate Intern” position at OPPO across ANZ.
Once selected our interns were flown to Instgrammable locations across ANZ capturing content for both their socials and OPPO’s channels, whilst being mentored by leading influencers.
This gave us a suite of content to then use across all channels and for media, allowing for a fully integrated campaign across all channels. By taking a grassroots approach we saw genuine organic engagement across Instagram, with the campaign content being the brand’s highest engagement to date.