Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C22. Integrated Marketing

Of all the threats that plague India, plastic pollution is a menace that rides supreme. From discarded plastic cups to debit cards, polybags, wrappers and packaging materials, India generates around 26,000 tonnes of plastic a day, according to a CPCB estimate. What’s worse is that this consumption is increasing every day.

Mirroring this menace is a digital epidemic that’s also impacting our lives with the same, if not more, intensity– cyber trolling. From Deepika Padukone to Virendar Sehwag, Uber India to Amazon, a stand-up comic to the girl next door; social media slander doesn’t spare anyone.

Innovation lies at the core of MTV. Over the last 25 years, the channel has catalyzed the Indian youth by a seamless synergy of powerful storytelling and relevant consumer connect initiatives. Given the gravity of both these perils, MTV put to action a thought-provoking campaign to channelize this negativity into something meaningful.