Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C22. Integrated Marketing

As China races through modernity and economic growth, there are cultural aspects that are either lost or forgotten overtime.
Airbnb has the mission of creating a world where anyone can belong anywhere through changing the way people see and experience new places. With Chinese millennials comprising 70% of its users, Airbnb saw a role in connecting millennials to traditional cultures.
As travelers seek more authentic and local travel experiences, Airbnb realized that travel can be the best way to help culture be found. With this insight, Airbnb launched the integrated campaign to creatively bring generations together through intangible cultural heritages. By providing a fresh perspective of cultural heritage through trendy youth cultures, Airbnb provided millennials with the opportunity to be active participants of the campaign. Not only earned positive feedback, the campaign drove business growth and generated renewed interest of cultural heritage amongst younger generation.