Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C24. Media Relations

The truth is no one wants to think about heart attacks. So how did we get Singaporeans to talk about it? We cast a spotlight on what they do talk about – Hollywood.

We’ve all seen scenes of heart attacks depicting an actor clutching his chest before kneeling over. They call this the “”Hollywood Heart Attack””. But the symptoms of a real heart attack are much more subtle.

We created a campaign aimed at debunking Hollywood Heart Attacks. We invited veteran actor Lim Kay Tong to conduct a class with drama students to showcase the misconceptions. We also got the support of celebrity icon Irene Ang to rally directors and actors at the Singapore Film Festival in pledging to #stopthedramanow– a commitment to only portray authentic heart attack symptoms.

By shining a spotlight on fake Hollywood heart attacks, we’re able to pull back the curtain on real heart attack symptoms.