Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C24. Media Relations

For Google Map’s 15th Anniversary, the challenge was to creatively and effectively reach out to key media and sell them interesting and newsworthy content. The campaign focused on anniversary moments and introducing new Google Maps features.

The strategy involved three phases: 1) Pre-birthday – unboxing an attention grabbing giant surprise box full of bouncing balloons; 2) Anniversary Day – collaboration with two Google Maps communities to conduct a scavenger hunt and still involving the boxes; 3) Follow-up –engaging lifestyle influencers to boost the unveiling of the boxes.

These initiatives had the media and influencers post their unboxing moments to their personal social media accounts and in company Instagram accounts. The campaign resulted in a total PR value of USD 126,000 through 63 news coverage, reached over 600K Indonesians through the use of influencers, and reached 800K plus 26K engagements through owned social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.