Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C25. Non-Profit

The Life Insurance Philanthropy Foundation (LIPF) developed the “I’m All Ears” campaign to help prevent teenage suicide. The campaign featured a cast of superhero dogs with the power of super-listening. The initial campaign video of the dogs on a mission to rescue teens in trouble recorded 700,000+ views on YouTube and Facebook. The LIPF developed a digital version of the suicide helpline that would later serve as a proof of concept for a fully integrated, cross-platform counseling service for South Korean teens, developed with the Ministry of Education. Building on the success of the initial video, LIPF partnered with a popular music labels to create three new music videos. The videos combined for 1,450,000+ views and topped music searches and charts. Viral covers of the songs in 14 languages contributed another 4,200,000+ views. The digital counseling service has received some 86,735 messages from teens in trouble.