Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C27. Promotional Activity

Hong Kong Innovation Foundation and Olympian City have partnered with the acclaimed Leonardo3 Museum from Italy in bringing its world-class traveling exhibition to Olympian City. Entitled ‘Think Like Leonardo da Vinci 500th Anniversary Exhibition’, the Hong Kong event was the first large-scale thematic exhibition Leonardo3 Museum has ever staged in Asia. The exhibition showcased da Vinci’s ideas, achievements and contributions to society in an interactive and engaging way.

In addition to fascinating machines constructed by Leonardo3 Museum and interactive devices, the exhibition featured a host of new multi-sensory experiences specially designed for this event.

The never-before-seen da Vinci exhibition encouraged the audience to delve into the amazing universe of the da Vinci, to “think” and “be like” da Vinci by not only observe the world through his eyes, but also understand his values and being inspired from his innovative spirit.