Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C29. Public Education

Discrimination and stigma toward HIV/AIDS has long existed in Taiwan, and is a huge barrier for the island in achieving the 90-90-90 target set by UNAIDS. People are afraid of being discriminated against if they are HIV positive, so willingness to undergo HIV testing is low. We successfully leveraged on the government’s passing of the same-sex marriage bill in May 2019 and expand the discussion to “disease equity”. The campaign was kicked off by Asia’s first “Century Wedding” that saw the union of couples of different sexual orientations – straight and gay. In partnership with influencers and NGOs, we drove online and offline engagements that contributed towards increasing the amount of people who underwent HIV testing by 25%. Within less than a year, Taiwan had achieved two of the three the UNAIDS targets from “84-88-94” in 2018 to “87-90-94” by the end of 2019.