Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C32. Sports

The “FWD North Pole Marathon 2019” was held in early April last year. This is the 3rd consecutive year FWD Group has been the title sponsor of the coolest marathon in the world. FWD went into the 2019 event with a plan to build on the momentum by being even more engaging with the local community. But the challenge that FWD could not plan for almost put the World’s Coolest Marathon on ice. Due to a geopolitical dispute, the marathon was officially cancelled. This could have been a PR nightmare for FWD, North Pole Marathon and the runners. And that’s when FWD stepped up to ensure everyone’s efforts would not be wasted. The marathon was back on, setting up the race in Longyearbyen, Norway, a cool 78° N. FWD turned this challenge into an opportunity to prove its worth as the title sponsor, and successfully turned a nightmare into a well-documented dream come true.