Award: REGIONAL PR AWARDS \ CA04. South Asia PR Campaign of the Year

Men don’t cry. That is what society teaches young boys. Young men construct their ideas of manhood around toughness and start believing that crying is for the weak. They learn that to be tough, never show weakness, never express fragility and above all never show tears. On International Men’s day 2019, Gillette India, under Shaving Stereotype, asked men to rethink their notions of masculinity. Inspired from the real-life story of Colonel Manoj Kumar Sinha, who as an army man was conditioned to never express his emotions even in the most vulnerable situations, Gillette India launched #ManEnough campaign. The campaign revolved around a video that showed the bond between him and his father and the need for men to cry and express their emotions. The campaign reached out to 38 million people and with over 2.8 million engagement across social media and a 32% increase in profit between October-December 2019.