Award: GRAND PRIX \ GP02. Campaign of the Year

Nobody’s perfect. People who have been through adversity in life are not just accepted, they are celebrated.

But shelter animals who have been through similar adversities are unfairly judged. There is a perception that there is something wrong with them – because they were abandoned, sick or damaged in some way. 3 in 4 households prefer to buy a pet from a store instead of adopting one from a shelter, resulting in over 1.5 million shelter dogs being euthanized every year (source: SPCA)

To change the perception that shelter dogs are flawed or imperfect compared to those sold at pet stores, we enlisted the help of people who have been profiled in the media for overcoming challenges in life. Their task? To do a voice recording that narrates the stories of real shelter dogs – stories that they can relate to like none other.