Award: CAMPAIGN \ C36. Best Creative Idea [NEW]

Corona Extra Lime is a CSR project to help farmers improve their income and living not by donation but by their own hands.

With shared mission with China government on rural revitalisation, Budweiser China initiated a project to teach and encourage farmers in Sichuan Anyue to grow limes. Together with the institutions to provide agricultural knowledge and technical supports, lime is of much better quality and higher yield. An IP, Corona Extra Lime, is created for a long term brand value at premium price. We also teach the farmers to sell on Tiktok so to reach buyers throughout China. Corona Extra Lime is supplied to Budweiser, sold and served with Corona beer, the Corona lime ritual. Farmers’ income would increase in a sustainable way, along with Corona’ business growth in China.

This is a very revolutionary end-to-end model for rural revitalization. We’ve developed an entirely closed-loop industrial chain.