Award: CAMPAIGN \ C06. Cause-Related - Diversity & Inclusion

Streetcode is a CSR initiative harnessing PR and earned media for good. Designed to shed light on Indonesia’s digital divide and HP’s mission to help close the digital divide for the future Indonesian workforce. The programme’s aim is to create lasting impact, be easily accessible and influence broader digital education.

Using an integrated approach to engage a hard-to-reach audience – Indonesia’s street kids, we created lessons that informed a mix of in-person classes and a PR-led media moment.

Paste-up guerrilla AR-enabled street posters built awareness and intrigue, weekly classes delivered education and brand exposure and a strategic media relations programme, media event, robust panel discussion, social storytelling and an impactful activation created by and for the students showed Indonesian media just how much potential digital talent is being wasted on the streets.

This integrated approach resulted in the programme being endorsed and adopted by Indonesia’s ministry for education.